New Siri trivia game for April fools’ Day tests “how gullible people are”

The first day of April is also April Fools’ Day to play innocent pranks on family and friends to enjoy a good laugh together. And Apple is joining in the fun on April Fools’ Day with a new Siri easter egg. In this year’s trivia game, Siri is testing how gullible users are with a 5 questions ‘True or False’ quiz on history, animals, geography, and other random topics.

Apple Siri - iOS 15.4

Say “Hey Siri, True or False?” to enjoy the new April fools’ day trivia game

Spotted by 9to5Mac, asking Siri that “what are you up to?” today triggers a response like “I’m seeing just how gullible people are! Try, ‘Hey Siri, True or False?’ Today, the voice command, ‘Hey Siri, True or False?’ allows users to take a short quiz with five tricky questions and at the end, users are shown their scores and given the option to either keep playing or share their score. Some of the questions are as follows:

  • Is scorpion venom is the most valuable liquid in the world?
  • Did a man eat an entire airplane?
  • What key do horseflies buzz in?
  • Is a single slice of pizza called a “pizzum”?
  • Is there a mountain in Australia called Mount Disappointment?
  • Was paper money invented before toilet paper?
  • Was Leonardo Da Vinci was known for painting with his eyes closed?

April 1- Hey Siri

The new Siri trivia game is an opportunity for users to have a fun time while waiting for a friend, commuting to work, or playing with family members to check their smartness and even flaunt it.

Recently, Apple introduced support for “Hey Siri” on older Mac models with the launch of Studio Display and a new American voice in iOS 15.4, along with support for Dutch and French on HomePod 15.4.

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