Sleep Cycle Releases New Sleep Tracking App for Apple Watch

Sleep Cycle has launched a brand new Apple Watch app today with an intelligent alarm clock system. The company debuted an app for the Apple Watch back in 2018 but discontinued it later due to certain restrictions in iOS.

The app is designed to analyze your sleep pattern and use it to wake you up when you’re in light sleep. It uses an intelligent alarm clock to wake users up as disturbing people’s REM sleep cycles can be harmful. Furthermore, the app syncs all of its data to the iPhone’s Health app as well.

Our standalone Apple Watch app features a silent alarm and intelligent wake-up. We recommend you activate Do Not Disturb on your watch, for a silent wake up experience. We also suggest you activate Theater mode, to keep battery consumption low.

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Sleep Cycle’s Intelligent Alarm Clock

By using the new app, users can set an alarm from their wrist. The intelligent alarm clock wakes them up in the following manner: if a user sets up an alarm for 8 AM, the app will wake them up sometime between 7.30 AM and 8 AM – whenever they’re in light sleep. Sleep Cycle slowly increases the intensity of the wake-up taps from the watch as your alarm time approaches.

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Users can also customize their wake up phase and snooze settings from within the app like changing it from 30 minutes prior to alarm time to 10 minutes prior.

The company’s website shows statistical analysis for countries with different sleep cycles around the world as well as discusses factors that affect everyday sleep cycles. Furthermore, the company’s social platforms discuss important awareness topics like sleep paralysis, narcolepsy, insomnia, sleep apnea, and various sleep disorders.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle claims on Twitter that the new app is “well prepared for more things to come.” Furthermore, The Snore Stopper feature that was included in Sleep Cycle’s debut app for Apple Watch is not available in this new release.

The app is available for free in the App Store with in-app subscriptions for various additional features.

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