Snapchat adds Lenses for TikTok dance challenges on its platform

Snapchat is launching a new selection of augmented reality lenses to be used on TikTok, exclusively. These lenses have been created in partnership with 4 popular TikTok influencers: Loren Gray, Dixi D’Amelio, Sarati, and Jalaiah Harmon, to inspire users to partake in TikTok dance challenges via Snap’s AR offerings. Since all of Snap’s partners for these new lenses are popular TikTok influencers, it’s clear the company is looking to align its platform with TikTok to increase its user base.

Snapchat already offers a wide variety of AR filters like the Community Lenses on the platform. The app now offers over 100,000 lenses in its lens library which users can apply and save for free.

Snapchat Lenses

Snapchat for TikTok challenges-clout alert

As reported by The Verge, the new AR Lenses are based on popular TikTok dance trends and have been created in partnership with the creators of the dances themselves. Snap says these new lenses track 18 joints across the body and can be found on the Lens Studio homepage.

Users can add the Lens effect to their clips on Snap, then post the video on TikTok. This will help Snapchat to attract more users from the video-clip sharing platform by showcasing its tools within the TikTok community.

As of now, only two of the 18 new Lenses have music embedded, so users cannot play music and perform the challenges straight from the app. Instead, they will have to play the music using a third-party application or dance without the music cues. Snapchat will add more music to the lenses in the future to increase functionality depending on how well this collaboration is received.

Previously, Snapchat has also looked at incorporating a TikTok-like vertical swipe up navigation format on the app’s new Discover page and is testing TikTok like video recording with songs.


TikTok’s Future in the U.S.

Currently, TikTok is facing a forced acquisition by the American President Donald Trump as he vows to ban the app in the United States. Trump claims that he is worried about the privacy and security of American user’s data on the Chinese app.

Snapchat TikTok collab

Therefore, President Trump has set September 15 as the deadline for the video-recording app to find a U.S. buyer. The parent company of the app, ByteDance, has had preliminary discussions with Microsoft about the acquisition.

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