Snapchat is testing TikTok like video recording features – Report

A recent discovery has revealed that Snapchat is again copying some features of the very popular video recoding app, TikTok. A report by The Verge claims that Snapchat is testing new features to support video recording with a song from directly in the app and the ability to share them. Currently, the new recording feature is released in New Zealand and Australia. It is expected that company will launch them in Fall to all English language users which means that users in regions like UK, US, and Canada would to able to make Snapchat clips with songs by September- October this year.

Previously, the company was also testing the vertical UI design of TikTok for its discover page. Tweeter user, Matt Navarra discovered and shared the images of the new vertical navigation style on Snapchat. Without giving out details, a company’s spokesperson confirmed the report.


Snapchat copies TikTok

According to the report, Snapchat will launch the new videos with songs feature with a “robust and curated catalogue of music” from Universal Music Publishing Group, Merlin, Warner Music Group and other music agencies and production houses. The new feature is designed to promote the songs or artists by adding a ‘swipe up’ link of the used track’s title and artist’s name. User will also be able to listen to the track on their preferred/subscribed music streaming app.


At the time of launch, Snapchat is not copying TikTok’s dedicated videos’ ‘Feed’ and explore feature to see public videos recorded with same song. However, a company’s spokesperson said that users will be able to share their creations with “real friends.”

TikTok in Political Crisis

Currently, TikTok is under the scrutiny due to China’s political conflicts with India and United States. After India banned TikTok along with 58 other Chinese apps, U.S. President, Donald Trump has threatened to do the same. What will become of the thousands of US creators on the platform with millions of subscribers, is unclear.


Instagram also expanded the availability of its copy-cat version of TikTok called Instagram Reels in more countries offers all of TikTok video recording and sharing features. A recent report also claimed that Facebook is bribing creators to join Reels.

Snapchat is available on iOS and Android devices, and can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play respectively. What is your opinion on company’s copying popular features of other apps? Let us know in the comments section.

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