Snapchat releases web app for on-demand Geofilters, updates app

Snapchat has rolled out new updates for its iOS app and website. Users can now create custom Geofilters themes for Snapchat and insert stylish captions, discover new users and access lens filters more easily in the app.

Snapchat on-demand filters

Web Tool

Users can now create custom Geofilters for any event by using editing tools available on Snapchat’s website. Users can select the color theme and text style of the filter, and also preview the filter on their guest’s snaps before making it live. The preview feature gives more creative control to users by allowing them to view the created image to decide if it needs further editing or not.

Snapchat has made the creation process very easy; the web tool offers a vast variety of templates for numerous events such as graduations, weddings, birthday and more. All that users have to do is to pick the template of their liking, edit its color and text, and make it live. Once live, the custom filter appears with other Geofilters at the same location in the app, so guests at the event can use it in their snaps. Although the ability to create custom Geofilters was offered earlier this year, it required image editing software to get the job done.

The cost of creating Geofilters depends on the user’s location and the time duration for which it will be live. A Geofilter can cost roughly up to $5.

iOS updates

The latest version of Snapchat allows iOS users to highlight text using three new caption styles. After adding text on a snap, users can long press on the text to see the new caption options: bold, italic and underline. Users can also pin their captions to objects in videos to make them more animated and expressive. Previously, only emojis could be pinned in videos.

Like Instagram Stories, Snapchat users can now view ‘public stories’ of people they do not follow. The discovery feature allows users to find and follow new users based on their public stories.

If users wish to find people to follow and add new followers, they can easily make their stories public. Go to settings and set view my story to public.

Snapchat has also made access to lens filters, quicker than before. Instead of long pressing on their face on the screen, users now have to tap once on their face for the app to display the filters .

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