Solo Leveling: Arise has officially launched for PC and mobile

The wait is finally over. Netmarble’s highly anticipated action RPG, Solo Leveling: Arise, officially launched worldwide for PC and mobile devices.


This immersive title brings the beloved world of Solo Leveling to life, allowing players to step into the shoes (or powerful boots) of Sung Jin-woo, the “World’s Shadow Monarch,” and embark on their own thrilling journey through monster-filled dungeons and ever-escalating threats.

A legacy reborn in pixels

Solo Leveling captivated readers with its dark fantasy world, intense action sequences, and the compelling underdog story of Sung Jin-woo. Arise translates that magic to the gaming world, offering stunning visuals, fast-paced combat, and a faithful recreation of the manhwa’s iconic characters and locations.

Players can choose from various character classes, each with unique skills and playstyles. Whether you prefer the close-quarters brutality of a Knight or the ranged devastation of a Mage, there’s a role for every hunter.


Level up and conquer the gates

One of the core aspects of Solo Leveling was Jin-woo’s relentless pursuit of power. Arise captures this essence perfectly with its engaging leveling system. By defeating monsters, completing quests, and overcoming challenges, players will steadily enhance their character’s abilities, unlocking devastating skills and powerful equipment.

The game boasts a diverse range of dungeons to explore, each filled with perilous enemies and valuable loot. As players progress, they’ll face increasingly powerful foes, pushing their combat skills and strategic thinking to the limit.


Not just a solo grind

While Jin-woo’s journey was a solitary one, Arise offers a more collaborative experience. Players can team up with friends to tackle challenging dungeons, share powerful loot, and conquer the toughest bosses together.

The game also features a robust guild system, allowing players to band together, share resources, and compete in special guild events. Whether you prefer the thrill of solo play or the camaraderie of a guild, Arise caters to all types of hunters.

A world in expansion

The launch of Solo Leveling: Arise is just the beginning. The developers have promised continued support with regular content updates, new characters, and even more challenging endgame content. With a planned Steam release on the horizon, the future looks bright for Arise.

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