Apple’s new M4 chip boasts 4x Faster GPU, 38 trillion AI operations – Benchmarks

Apple’s “Let Loose” event unveiled more than just the new iPad Pro and iPad Air; it introduced the M4 chip, a potential game-changer for mobile performance. Ditching the M3 entirely, Apple promises a substantial leap, especially in AI capabilities.

This deep dive explores the M4’s architecture, revealing raw CPU power, impressive GPU enhancements like ray tracing, and a groundbreaking Neural Engine. We’ll analyze benchmark scores that rival desktops and delve into the M4’s real-world applications, from supercharged gaming to professional video editing.

M4 chip

At the recent “Let Loose” event, Apple officially introduced its new family of Apple silicon chipsets, with the M4 taking center stage. Skipping the M3 entirely, Apple made a bold move by jumping from the M2 to the M4, promising significant performance improvements.

The M4 chip brings a significant boost in CPU performance, thanks to its advanced architecture and higher clock speeds. With 9 or 10 CPU cores, including performance and efficiency cores, and a clock speed of up to 4.4GHz, the M4 outpaces its predecessor, the M2, by a substantial margin.

The M4 doesn’t just excel in CPU performance; it also boasts impressive GPU and Neural Engine enhancements. With 10 GPU cores, hardware-accelerated ray tracing, and HW-accelerated mesh shading, the M4 delivers up to 4 times better GPU performance compared to the M2.

M4 chip

Early benchmarks of the M4 chip reveal its outstanding performance. In Geekbench 6 tests, the M4 achieves a single-core score of around 3,800 points, surpassing even Intel’s flagship Core i9-14900KS. Multi-core performance is equally impressive, showing a 25% improvement over the M3.

M4 Geekbench

The true power of the M4 chip lies in its AI capabilities. With a larger 16-core Neural Engine capable of 38 TOPS, the M4 sets a new standard for AI performance in consumer devices. Early ML test results show a 23% improvement over the M2, confirming Apple’s claims of significant AI acceleration.

Benchmark scores are impressive, but the M4’s true potential lies in unlocking experiences we haven’t imagined yet. From developers pushing the boundaries of mobile gaming to content creators wielding a portable editing beast, the M4 chip is positioned to ignite a new wave of innovation.

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