Sony Begins Banning All Custom Firmwares (Even Spoofed) from the PSN!

Today, PlayStation3 users accessing the PlayStation Network were greeted with a message reading “We are expecting sporadic PSN maintenance from approx 9am-3pm PST Thursday 03/17/2011. We apologize for the inconvenience.” Those using custom firmwares returned to find themselves banned from the PSN, even if using a firmware spoofer. As it turns out, Sony has enabled the new 3.60 authentication system which was found hidden inside the 3.60 firmware last week.


If you’re a custom firmware user, you will want to avoid the PSN if it’s not already too late. Maybe the rumored CFW 3.60 will be released and contain a fix for the PSN, or someone will find another way around Sony’s restrictions. Only time will tell.

Original article via psx-scene.

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