SoundHound Chat AI now supports ChatGPT and avoids “Al hallucinations” on iOS

Popular audio and speech recognition company, SoundHound is also integrating ChatGPT with its Chat AI app on iOS, along with new tech to avoid “Al hallucinations”.

Soundhound - chatGPT

SoundHound Chat AI is an intuitive personal voice assistant that offers conversational intelligence and generative AI technology to deliver fast, accurate, and up-to-responses of commands and questions, seek assistance in everyday tasks, plan activities, extend knowledge, and more.

No need for awkward search queries. Just speak to SoundHound Chat AI naturally, like another person. For example, “Hey SoundHound, plan an evening out with my wife and I in Manhattan with dinner and live jazz?”… “What is the address and hours of operation for Blue Note in New York City” or “Send a text to my wife … I’ll be home in 30 minutes.”

New SoundHound Chat AI uses “CaiLAN” with ChatGPT to avoid “AI hallucinations”

As per the announcement, the Chat AI app’s new features are based proprietary approach that uses CaiLAN (Conversational AI Language) tech and machine learning technology named CaiNet (Conversational AI Network) to ensure fast, accurate, and appropriate responses. 

CaiNET connects SoundHound to ChatGPT to deliver accurate responses and avoid “AI hallucinations” unpredictable and incorrect responses which are a common occurrence on platforms that rely on generative AI. 

Soundhound - chatGPT

CEO and Co-Founder of the company, Keyvan Mohajer said:

“SoundHound Chat AI ushers in a new phase of voice-enabled, conversational AI that used to only exist in science fiction. By combining the power of software engineering and machine learning with Generative AI, we can finally deliver the digital assistant experience users have been desiring for decades.”

SoundHound Chat AI app is available on App Store for a weekly or yearly subscription fee. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad touch and requires iOS 15.0 or later.

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