Spark for iPhone Gets Version 1.1 Update

Spark has received a version 1.1 update for iPhone which adds email aliases, HTML signatures, new swipe options and much more. Readdle’s free email app for iPhone has been a refreshing welcome in the competitive App Store market. It shipped with a good set of features at launch unlike many competitors who gave up on their apps as time passed.  Inbox by Google is another third party email app currently worth using but it is for Gmail users only.

Spark 1 1 Update for iPhone Now Available

The new release contains several new feature additions and bug fixes. Spark already had a good feature for automatically scanning your emails for your signatures and giving an option to select from them when writing an email. This has been improved to include HTML signatures, with images and links. Swipe options have been added to allow users to customize them for specific actions such as move to Evernote or Dropbox etc. Email aliases with support for iCloud, Gmail and Yahoo now work, this is one of the best additions and rarely found in mobile email apps.

The bug fixes include sync and login issues, along with many others, which should improve the experience for Spark users.

What’s new in Spark for iPhone version 1.1?

Here is the complete change log:

New features:

  • Create feature-rich email signatures with images and links.
  • Save emails to Evernote with a single swipe.
  • Customize your swipes: move to Evernote, Dropbox, Box, swipe to Spam, etc.
  • Use your email aliases to send emails with Spark. Works with iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo.
  • Move multiple emails at once between different email accounts.
  • Select multiple documents or photos and attach them with a single tap.


  • Archiving now doesn’t remove all labels from the email, only Inbox.
  • Attachments list now displays attachments from all downloaded emails.
  • Improved account selection in ‘Import/Export to Connected service’ dialogs.
  • Updated Snooze UI.
  • Improved text selection in text blocks.
  • Now messages are marked as seen when a user minimizes them in Spark.
  • Reduced the app size by 25%.


  • Fixed login issue with accounts.
  • Fixed messages synchronization issues with seen and starred statuses.
  • Fixed Bcc field.
  • Fixed handling actions on notifications in Notifications Center.
  • Fixed threads calculation for non-Google services.
  • Fixed move to Inbox from Spam folder operation for Google email accounts.
  • Fixed message fetching from Apple Watch.
  • Fixed presentation of forwarded messages on Apple Watch.
  • Fixed accounts order in Smart Inbox.
  • Fixed text selection inside event invitations.
  • Fixed phones & dates highlighting in text blocks.
  • Fixed Evernote multiple authorization issues.
  • Fixed Edit mode in Search results.
  • Fixed ability to attach Pages/Numbers/Keynotes to new emails.
  • Fixed black screen after entering background.

Spark has amazing search, fast email fetching and good tools to manage, read and reply to emails, along with an Apple Watch app. You can check out the complete feature list here and download it from the App Store.

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