Spotify accelerates the roll out of offline download feature on Apple Watch

In May, Spotify introduced ‘Offline Download’ on Apple Watch for Premium subscribers. The feature allows users to download songs or podcasts on the Apple Watch so that they can enjoy music without having to carry their iPhones. It’s a handy feature when going for a run, walk, gardening, and other activities. However, the rollout was slow and few Premium subscribers received the update.

Now, Gadgets and Wearable reports that the Swedish music streaming service has accelerated the rollout globally, probably potential damage control because the feature has been out for over a month and a half. Companies usually opt for gradual rollout to fix any issues before the feature is available to a larger audience.

Spotify’s offline download feature for Apple Watch is now available in more regions

As per the report, the feature is now available in more countries.

As reported by a multitude users, over the past day or so many people have started to see the Apple Watch download option. Most that have not had access to downloads before are getting the update – but not all. Presumably the rest of the user base will get the new version in the coming days.

The update has hit users in the US, Germany, Austria, UAE, Brazil, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, Ireland, The Netherlands, Malaysia, Portugal, Canada, UK and other countries. Many of these only got the software refresh in the past 24 hours. But it seems to be a definite acceleration of the global rollout.

Subscribers who have not yet received the updated version, should check the App Store regularly or force close the app on Apple Watch. Spotify subscribers must keep in mind that they can only download 50 songs per playlist, so they might not be able to download playlists with more than 50 songs.


How to download music on the Spotify Apple Watch app

Spotify’s Premium subscribers can easily download content offline on Apple Watch by following these steps:

  1. Pick the songs and podcasts you wish to download on the Apple watch.
  2. After selecting the playlist, album, or podcast, press the three dots (…) and tap on “Download to Apple Watch.”
  3. Check the progress in the Downloads section of the app on the watch.
  4. A green arrow will appear next to the names of playlists, albums, or podcasts, once they are download in the library.
  5. Connect to AirPods or any compatible Bluetooth headphones to start listening without an iPhone.

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