Several Studio Display owners complain of high-pitched buzzing sound coming from the monitor

Several Studio Display owners have reported that a high-pitched buzzing sound is coming from the back or top of the monitor on social media. As per the complaints, the noise is made when a MacBook or an iPad is plugged into the monitor.

Apple launched 27-inch Studio Display in March this year and since then, various issues with the monitor have surfaced. Its 2MP Ultra wide front camera had poor image quality which was fixed through an update, owners experienced issues with updating firmware, and recently, Apple updated the monitor to resolve its choppy playback, distortion, and audio dropouts issue.

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Studio Display’s annoying buzzing sound is not caused by its fans but by electrical interference

Multiple owners have raised Studio Display’s annoying buzzing sound issue on Reddit, Apple Support Community, Twitter, and other forums.

According @ the “annoying high-pitched buzzing sound”  is not coming from the monitor’s fans, or his power extension, and is not caused by line interference.

The sound appears to be coming from the rear area of the display. It only comes when his M1 MacBook Pro or iPad Pro is plugged into the monitor. And more interestingly, the buzzing noise stops in the evening when his electric vehicle is not charging.

Here’s the weird one… the noise more often than not stops in the evening, roughly around about 7pm. No annoying noise after that 🤔
I have an electric car with a charger built into the house power supply, when the car is plugged in and charging the Studio Display’s noise becomes excruciatingly high pitched and loud. Due to this I charge the car over night these days.

It is likely the issue is caused by electric interference and currently, Apple has no solution for it. 

I’m 90% certain the display is picking up interference from somewhere and amplifying it, maybe through the house power circuit but I can’t be sure. Someone I spoke to believes the PSU is poorly shielded but I have no idea if that’s true either.

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@ wrote;

Thanks for sharing this. I have the exact same problem :( The Studio Display is picking up interference from charging my electric car. The loudness of the interference is proportionate to the current being drawn by the car.

@ wrote;

Same issue here, 1 week old Mac Studio Display and the issue presented on the second day of using it. The electrical buzzing is so irritating, it gives me headaches after one hour of constant high pitch buzzing. Utterly disappointed in such an expensive display, why haven’t Apple recalled these units?

Spoke to a member of customer services, they seemed unfamiliar with the issue, and said I should return it to store…have they seen the size of the box?

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