Super Charge macOS app switcher with Command-Tab Plus

macOS has some great features for multitasking like Mission Control, fullscreen apps, Spaces and app switcher, however it does not provide any sort of feature customization for these. A new app called Command-Tab Plus helps change this by super charging the app switcher by adding some useful configurations and customizations.

Command-Tab Plus for macOS

Along with the usual app switching that is expected from Command-Tab Plus, it provides the following additional features:

  • The global keyboard shortcut can be set to any key combination you like. However, most power users are accustomed to command-tab so it is unlikely that this will be changed much.
  • The ability to chose which screen to show in the app switcher. It can be either the active screen, main screen or the screen with the mouse pointer. This is useful for users with multi-display setups.
  • Command-Tab Plus assigns numbers to each app listed in the switcher. Users can quickly press command tab and the number assigned to an app to quickly to switch to it. This works similarly to Google Chrome’s tab switching. You can press Command + the corresponding tab’s order number to switch to it.
  • Users can chose whether they want to see hidden applications in the switcher or just the applications from the current Space they are using. For power users with multiple Spaces active at all times, this is a very useful feature.

The app would have been even better if it provided the option to switch between different windows of the same app, but sadly, it doesn’t.

Should use wish to, they can also customize the appearance of the Command-Tab Plus switcher. By default, it looks a bit like macOS’s default app switcher, although not as well designed. The app provides users options to chance the colors, transparency, borders, icon sizes and more from settings.

Command-Tab Plus is available as a free 7 day trial while the full version costs $10. The app is not available in the Mac App Store and must be bought directly from the developer.

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