Tether your iPhone Internet Connection over Bluetooth with iPad/iPod Touch or Mac using iTether [Jailbroken devices only]

A popular method of tethering your non-3G iPad with iPhone’s data connection is by installing MyWi and using it as a WiFi access point. The problem with using MyWi is that it uses WiFi which uses a lot of battery power. The solution to this problem is to use iTether which tethers your data connection using Bluetooth by creating a Personal Area Network ( PAN ). iTether has to be installed on the device which will connect to your iPhone with tethering enabled. When tethering is turned on, your iPad/iPod Touch or iPhone can easily connect to it and share the data connection.



Here are the benefits of using iTether over MyWi:

  • High performance
  • No jailbreak required on iPhone side ( if no patching )
  • Much lower battery consumption than WiFi tethering
  • Bluetooth 2.1 speed up to 3,000,000 bps
  • Clean interface with zero configuration
  • Rapid Bluetooth chip booting up
  • Better security than WiFi WEP
  • Free upgrades

It is also possible that non-iOS Devices could share the Internet connection via Bluetooth PAN but it’s not officially supported by the developer. z195370201[3]

iTether has been developed by the same guy behind iBluever. To use iTether, you need a jailbroken iPhone. Find out how to jailbreak your iPhone easily with JailbreakMe here. You need to have tethering enabled on your iPhone which can be done by visiting help.benm.at using Mobile Safari.

iTether is available in Cydia in BigBoss repository for $5.

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