Google releases Pixel Feature Drop with new sleep tools integration, safety and recorder apps

Google has released a third Pixel Feature Drop with new features and performance improvements. The latest update includes new sleep management tools, personal safety application and adaptive battery.

This June update with security patch is the third upgrade in recent months. The first Feature Drop was released in December 2019, while the second Feature Drop was released in March 2020. An advantage of owning a Pixel device is the continuous support from Google which helps keep the device up to date and optimized much more regularly than other Android device.

Third Google Pixel Feature Drop

The latest upgrade has integrated Pixel Sunrise Alarms with Google Clock app. The company is focusing on user’s digital well being by introducing innovative solutions. Its new clock features are designed to help users sleep better, review screen time in bed, and schedule sleep routine. The dark background also helps to minimize strain on the eyes.


According to sources, the new clock features are Google Pixel exclusive for now. However, it is reported that they will be available for all Android devices in a few months.

The new Personal Safety application is now available for all Pixel phones. The safety app lets users set completion timers before starting any activity which they presume to be “unsafe” such as walking home late at night, taking a bus or others. The app lets users select up to three trusted responders from their contacts. After the duration of the set timer in app, users will have to flag their safety by tapping on the 60 seconds response time button or else the app will send an alert notifications to selected contacts to ensure the user’s well-being.


With Google Maps integrations, the feature can be used to flag user safety in case of emergencies in the vicinity. With similar design concept as the Facebook Marked Safe, the app pushes an automatic ‘Crisis Alert’ on the mobile screen. Users will tap the alert to either mark their safety or, seek help if they are affected by a crisis.


The Recorder app was first announced earlier in 2019. This app makes it easier and faster for Pixel users to record audio and have it automatically transcribe and labelled for easy search later.  With the new Feature Drop, Recorder can now be used through Google Assistant voice commands. Recorder can also save transcribed files to Google Docs in .txt format, for easy access from any device.

Lastly, the recent update also improves the Adaptive Battery feature which comes in action when battery charge is low. It is now better at predicting how long your Pixel battery will last, and accordingly, reduces power consumption for apps that you rarely use. It also reduces background activity when your battery is low to help your phone last longer.

The update is now rolling out for Pixel 2 and later devices.

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