Apple Arcade offers ‘The Survivalists’ – A new sandbox game

Apple Arcade is expanding its catalog of exclusive games with a ton of new releases planned to come to the service soon. The latest addition to Apple Arcade is ‘The Survivalists’, an island-themed sandbox game where players explore, build, craft, trade, and even train monkeys, to survive.

Available across devices, iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV, the new game can be downloaded for free via the App Store, starting today. The Survival is also launching on other gaming platforms such as Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC today.

Apple Arcade

New sandbox game ‘The Survivalists’ added to Apple Arcade

The App Store description of the game briefly describes all the fun things available for the players to enjoy in the app. From quests to exploring all the different biomes, there are a ton of adventures available for every player:

“Hunt (or be hunted by!) animals for food and an array of mythical enemies, who aren’t necessarily pleased to see you. Get quests from a Mysterious Stranger or find them washed up on the shore. Prepare to trek into a procedurally generated wilderness, with a variety of biomes, for an adventure that’s unique to every player.”

After being shipwrecked, players need to explore, build, and craft to survive. The island, which is unique to each player, is guarded by bands of orcs, and there are other animals to hunt (or be hunted by.)

Players can build a home to keep their precious supplies from being stolen. The game also boasts a unique Monkey Mimic system, which allows players to 20 local primates to do tasks and help automate systems, from cooking and crafting to collecting resources.

The Survivalists

There is also an element of adventure intertwined with the survival aspect of the game. Players can explore labyrinths to find treasures, or go on quests assigned by a “Mysterious Stranger.” Additionally, Survivalists is a multiplayer game. Aside from the monkeys, users can explore the island, survive, and go on adventures with up to three friends.

The Survivalists

Apple Arcade launched in September last year. The subscription is available for $4.99 per month for unlimited access to a wide range of ad-free games with no in-app purchases. The gaming service offers a total of 120 games with the addition of new games every month. According to reports, Apple will include Arcade in its new subscription bundles, Apple One.

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