This Video Exposes The Bugs And Design Flaws in YouTube

Google’s agenda of forcing all their users to start using Google+ is not hidden from anyone. From search to Gmail and Android and now YouTube – Google is ‘integrating’ Google+ as an improvement to their services. But do the facts really match what the Mountain View giant is trying to sell us? A video posted on YouTube goes through various features of the website and rips them apart in a very friendly manner.

YouTube Bugs and Issues

The video, titled ‘YouTube is a Completely Functional Site Programmed by Competent People’ takes users through simple steps of viewing new comments, managing spam comments, replying to comments and even playing and replaying videos amongst others. As expected, YouTube either fails through most of these steps or it does not provide the desired result and takes the user elsewhere. Check out the video for yourself:

It is really odd that there is not enough noise over this online that Google is almost killing its user experience by forcing all of us to use Google+. While some parts of their social network are useful, but it is definitely not for everyone and I am yet to find out a person who actually wants this in their email. It seems like Google does not like learning lessons from history, especially after debacles like Wave and Buzz. Here’s hoping for Google to fix YouTube, at least.

YouTube is an uncontested giant in Internet video streaming and it is very difficult for anyone to come up with a better alternative. Facebook or Microsoft are the only other companies that can possibly offer some competition to YouTube. The benefit of competition would be that Google would be kept honest and such design flaws would not exist in the first place on YouTube.

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