Tweetbot 3.1 Released for iPhone With New Gesture, List Timeline and More

Tweetbot is one of the best Twitter apps out there on any mobile ( and even desktop ) platforms. Having used a wide variety of apps on OS X, Windows, iOS, Android and Windows Phone, I have yet to find one that comes even close to what Tweetbot offers. From user experience to design and features, it just feels right. Tweetbot refreshed their app for iOS 7 recently and as expected with any app refresh, there were some refinements required. With version 3.1, Tweetbot has brought forth those much-needed improvements.

Tweetbot 3 1 Released for iPhone With New Gesture List Timeline and More

Tweetbot 3.1 mostly has bug fixes and improvements to the user experience. I noticed slight performance improvements too. Here is the complete changelog:

– Using a list as your timeline is back (hold down on “Timeline” title to reveal the menu). This was available previously in Tweetbot but not in version 3. The new implementation isn’t as good as tapping to switch timelines but it works well.
– Right swipe to quick reply (short swipe and release for custom action). A helpful quick gesture for replying to Tweets!
– Resize text within the app (Settings > Display). Users asked for this since the first day one of release for Tweetbot 3, good to see the developers listening.
– Option to set square avatars and hide timeline badges (Settings > Display)
– Email conversations or share via Storify
– “Last tweet x minutes ago” is back in the profiles (under recent images)
– Removed “Retweeted by” string so there’s less chance of truncation
– Lots of bug fixes

The app is on sale for a limited time at a price of $2.99. It is not a universal app and Tweetbot has yet to release an iPad version of version 3.0/3.1

Download Tweetbot 3.1 for iPhone

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