Apple CEO Tim Cook visited victims of Hingham Apple Store car crash

Apple CEO Tim Cook visited South Shore Hospital in Massachusetts to meet survivors of the fatal crash, that occurred at the Apple Store in Higham.

On November 21, 2022, an SUV crashed into the Apple Store through its glass front and smashed into its back wall. The tragic accident injured 20 people and killed 65-year Kevin Bradley on site. Survivors of the crash, being treated at the South Shore Hospital, have suffered “life and limb-threatening” injuries according to doctors.

Apple Store car crash

Tim Cook’s visit to hospitalized survivors of the crash uplifted their spirits

The President and  CEO of South Shore Health, Allen Smith said in a statement that Tim Cook and Deirdre O’Brien, Apple’s senior vice president of retail and people, visited the survivors of the tragic car crash on November 25 and their “genuine caring and kindness” uplifted the patients’ spirits. According to WCVB, Smith said:

We are also so appreciative of the wonderful care our entire team has provided to these patients, from our EMS at the scene of the accident right through to the emergency room, the trauma and critical care teams and all the doctors, nurses and colleagues who have provided care and support in the hospital and at home with our VNA team. The genuine caring and kindness shown by Tim and his team on this visit did so much to lift the spirits of the patients and our colleagues.

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Addressing the issue, the company has also released a statement expressing deep sore for the loss of a precious life and support for the survivors. @Mary Saldana Tweeted Apple’s statement:

We are devastated by the shocking events at Apple Derby Street today and the tragic loss of a professional who was onsite supporting recent construction at the store. Our hearts go out to our team members and customers who were injured and all of those who were affected by this terrible incident. We are doing everything we can to support our team members and customers at this very difficult time.

The fatal car crash was caused by Bradley Rein, 52 years old who drove his Toyota 4Runner through the Apple Store. He said that it was an unfortunate accident, not a planned attack.

Rein was in court last Tuesday morning, facing charges of reckless motor vehicle homicide. Rein said his foot became stuck on the gas in the parking lot outside, and he wasn’t able to brake before his vehicle crashed into the store. Rein had told officers he had no medical issues, and that he knew, his car had no mechanical issues.

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