The Tiny Tower is a beautiful laptop stand available in MacBook colors

A new Kickstart project, The Tiny Tower, is a beautifully designed laptop stand for MacBooks. It is a portable, compact and adjustable laptop stand, specially designed for laptop users to work in the right posture. To match the Retina MacBook, it is available in the same colors: Space Grey, Rose Gold, Gold, and Silver.

Tiny Tower is a beautiful laptop stand available in MacBook colors

The aluminum structure of the stand makes it a light weight yet a strong product to support the weight of MacBooks. Atop of the stand, there is a 3M non-slippery platform for the placement of the machine. Users have the option to either use the stand with the fingers concealed in the arms or extended to fully secure the laptop on the platform.

According to their preference and need, users can also adjust the height of the stand up to 10 levels by pushing a button. Approximately, the screen will be elevated by 3 inches. The stand is also portable and designed to fold flat within seconds, so users can carry it anywhere they like, even in a laptop bag.

The Tiny Tower will ship in a durable pouch which will have enough space to hold the stand, a keyboard, and a mouse. The metallic design of the stand makes it a complementary accessory for MacBooks, especially since it will be available in all MacBook colors, Classic Silver, Gold, Space gray and Rose gold.

The stands are priced in various pledges in which the minimum cost is $69 while the maximum is $799. Each pledge has a discount offer ranging from 34% to 44%. The higher the pledge, the more accessories buyers will receive with their stands. Special discounts are offered to backers from European Union countries and rewards for early birds.

The Tiny Tower is scheduled to ship by March 2017 and will be delivered around the globe.

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