T-Mobile iPhone Prototype Leaked!

This is something I am personally very excited about. I currently am a T-Mobile subscriber, and have a jailbroken/unlocked iPhone. Not that I’m not happy with my phone, but the downside of using a different carriers phone is that it is very expensive to upgrade, because you need to buy the phone outright. Let’s take a look at this phone:

The first thing I noticed was that it was WHITE! Yes, a white prototype, which is promising it will be white for production. Also, with the previous news of the iPhone 4S being handed to developers, it’s all starting to line up. But is this just an iPhone 4S? No one is quite sure yet. ¬†But this is definitely a prototype is what is known about this phone. It is running a version of iOS 4, and has the prototype markings on the screen and on the back of the phone. It also says T-Mobile in the top left where the carrier name goes, but we all know that with a jailbroken phone, we can edit that ourselves.

The model of the phone, N94, was the same iPhone previously found to be using the new Dual-Core A5 chip as well, the very same chip powering the new iPad 2. It is however, still unclear if this phone is just being used to test the T-Mobile network with AT&T’s possible¬†acquisition. Or if this phone will become a production iPhone on the T-Mobile network. One thing is certain, the new iPhone, whether it be 4S or 5, will most likely sport that new A5 chip, and will probably have a multifunction GSM/CDMA radio.

You can view more photos here.

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