Twitter says it will give users an edit button when everyone wears a mask

Twitter has refused to add an edit button for a long time, despite users requesting it repeatedly. On Thursday, the company tweeted from its primary account, that it would add the much-requested edit button but only when everyone starts to wear masks amid the current global health crisis, COVID-19 pandemic.

Other social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn have allowed people to edit what they post for years now, and many users are waiting for this microblogging platform to do the same.


The tweet immediately spread across the platform. It has 2.9 million Likes and almost 800k Retweets, as of right now.

Most users responded to the teasing announcement with enjoyment, drowning the replies of that tweet with intentionally-misspelled tweets to emphasize the dire need for an edit button.

Is Twitter Getting Political

Despite many users getting amused by this tweet, many also accused the company of getting “political” by taking a stand on the ‘face mask vs. no face mask’ discussion that is raging in the United States.

Many anti-mask people are intentionally not wearing masks as a political statement. Those anti-maskers are also staging protests in major cities of the country against government orders making it compulsory to wear a face mask in public. They claim that the orders violate their human rights and some also argue that the mask causes breathing issues for.

The World Health Organization has said that masks should be worn in places where the highly infectious virus is widespread and physical distancing is difficult.

Twitter’s Pandemic Policy

The CEO of the company has also pledged to donate $1 billion to aid relief efforts for COVID-19 and other social matters once the pandemic is over.

In March, the company announced that it had updated its safety policy to prevent tweets that “could place people at a higher risk of transmitting COVID-19.” The new policy bans denial of expert guidance, Encouragement to use fake or ineffective treatments, preventions, and diagnostic techniques and, misleading content.

Contrary to this amusing tweet, in an interview with Wired earlier this year the company’s CEO Jack Dorsey said that the company would “probably never” add the edit feature as it could assist in the spread of misinformation.

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