Twitter for iOS gets dark mode and new notification settings

Twitter has officially enabled the long awaited night mode in its official iOS app. The functionality was made available to Android users earlier this year and since then, Twitter was bombarded with requests from iOS users to extend the feature to their devices. It was in beta testing for a while and is finally functional for iPhone and iPad users.

Night Mode

The night mode feature gives the app a darker theme in a low light or dark environment, which makes navigation through Twitter’s feeds mighty easy. Here is how you can turn on night mode:

  • Update the app to the latest version
  • Open Twitter’s settings
  • Select Display and sound
  • Turn the night mode on or off with a tap

This feature is a creation of Joaquim Verges, the well-known developer of the popular Falcon Pro Twitter app for Android. Although Twitter has rolled out the night mode feature now for IOS, third party apps like Tweetbot had it since many years. Having said that, it’s better late than never.

New Notification Settings

Twitter announced that is releasing new notification features which are designed to empower users by deciding who they see and interact with on its platform. The new options made available in an upcoming update will give users more control over the content they will view and the notifications they will receive.

Here is how it will work:

  • Notification settings will be accessed directly through notifications tab
  • Users will have the option to limit notifications from people they follow on mobile and the web, and not be flooded by notifications from everyone.
  • A new quality filter setting will be added to notification settings. As the name suggests it, the quality filter will screen out low-quality content like duplicated Tweets from user’s notifications.

The introduction of these features should help users block out abusive Twitter users and trolls who can be a source of trouble.

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