Twitter introduces ability to search for tweets on iOS

MacRumors has spotted that Twitter on iOS now lets users easily search for tweets of a specific account.

Twitter is testing several new features on iOS like Communities, an invite-based feature that will allow users to connect to other users with similar interests on the platform to engage in informative and fun discussions and more. It is also testing the ability to remove followers without blocking them and for users to share edge-to-edge photos and videos on the app.


Twitter adds a new search field on iOS to easily find tweets

As per the publisher, the company has added a new search field to find tweets from specific accounts.

Twitter on iOS is now rolling out the ability for users to more easily search for tweets from a specific account, using a new search field that appears on an account’s page.

The feature offers users a much easier way to search for tweets from a specific user. While the ability was previously possible using the standard Twitter search field, the new search field is more straightforward and logical.


Recently, Apple’s ATT privacy feature did not have a grave impact on Twitter ad revenue on iOS. The social media company has a brand advertising business model which is designed to improve a brand’s image instead of pushing for a direct sale. That’s why Twitter was not impacted by the App Tracking Transparency feature because “marketers don’t expect it to immediately translate into quantifiable sales and don’t rely heavily on measuring an ad’s effectiveness to decide whether it is worthwhile.”

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