Twitter is testing new features to remove followers and share edge-to-edge media

Twitter has announced that it is testing two new features on the platform: the ability to remove followers without blocking them and for iOS users to share edge-to-edge photos and videos on the app.

The social media company is regularly adding and testing new features to enhance users’ experience. Recently, the company changed the font to ‘Chirp’ which gave users a headache, and then it shut down Fleets stories because of lower than expected users’ responses. But Spaces has been a successful addition to the platform and Twitter is constantly upgrading the feature will new abilities to manage and discover new Spaces.


Twitter will make it easier for users to manage their followers

In the testing phase, a few users remove followers without blocking them. The company says that the feature will allow users to curate their own followers’ lists. And if the feature receives good feedback, it will be available to more users in the future.

Furthermore, the company is also testing a new edge-to-edge media layout for iOS users. To match the width of the iPhone’s screen, the shared media (photos, videos, and GIFs) will appear wider, so they have “more room to shine.”

In addition to the aforementioned features, the company is also testing a new ‘Safety Mode‘ feature to limit users’ exposure to “unwelcome interactions” on their feed. The feature will automatically impose a seven-day block on violating accounts that use potentially harmful language including abusive, unwanted, and spammy replies.

The platform already has anti-bullying barriers and features to prevent the spread of misleading information on the platform. When users share unverified information, the app shows a prompt to alert the user that the information is “disputed.” To stop cyberbullying, the app allows users to select who can reply to their tweets: Everyone,  Only people you follow, or only people you mention.

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