Twitter launches ‘Ticketed Spaces’ on iOS for creators to monetize their audio chat rooms

Twitter has launched ‘Ticketed Spaces’ for creators to monetize through their content. Followers of an account will have to pay a certain fee to listen to Ticketed Spaces. As a test phase for the feature, it is currently available on iOS. However, the company says that Ticketed Spaces will be released on other platforms, soon.

To re-create ClubHouse like audio chat rooms, Twitter introduced Spaces on the platform earlier this year. Accounts with 600 and more followers can create audio chat rooms to have discussions over any topic which interests them and their audience. Hosts can invite guest speakers and listeners are also allowed to speak with permission.

Twitter Spaces

Since its launch, the company has been updating Spaces. Recently, it introduced co-host feature that allows a host to have two co-hosts to manage chat room participants, send invites, and more. In addition, the company began testing a new feature to make it easy for users to discover more Spaces by showing the Spaces of people they follow are listening to on top of their timeline.


Everything you need to know about Twitter Ticketed Spaces

A few months ago, Twitter Spaces announced that it will launch Ticketed Spaces as an opportunity for creators to earn and grow their community with entertaining and relevant content. Now, the feature is live, and here is everything you need to know:

  1. Creators can apply to get Ticketed Spaces and Super Follow directly from their profiles.
  2. Hosts can set their own price for Spaces.
  3. Hosts can invite up to 100 people to listening to exclusive Spaces.
  4. Hosts can opt for push and in-app notifications to remind their attendees to join their Spaces. They can also share details of Ticketed Spaces on their Home timeline.

Since June, Twitter has allowed users over 18 years of age, with at least a thousand followers, and have had hosted three Spaces in the last thirty days to host Ticketed Spaces. The host receives 67% of the fee and the remaining 33% is shared by Apple and Twitter; Apple takes 30% commission for in-app purchases and Twitter receives 3% of the charged fee. However, the company says that if a host’s earnings on the platform exceed the $50,000 mark, then it will charge a 20% commission rate of Ticketed Spaces’ fee.

Last year, Apple revised its App Store’s in-app purchase commission structure by reducing it to 15% for developers who earned up to $1million, annually. And for developers who made more than a million dollars per year, pay the standard 30% commission rate. Guess, Twitter is one of those.


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