Twitter now lets users directly share Tweets to Instagram Stories on iOS

Twitter has now made it easy for users to share tweets on social media. Now iOS users can directly post tweets on Instagram along with messages app and email. The new feature is likely to expand Twitter’s reach to a wider audience via the popular social app with 500 million daily active users.

Earlier, Twitter rolled out the direct sharing feature for Snapchat on iOS. Users can insert tweets in their Snapchat stories as a sticker. Prior to direct sharing capability, users had to take screenshots of tweets to share them on Instagram and Snapchat.

However, the announcement made by @Twitter does not mention when the will be feature be available and if it will roll out in select regions or worldwide. Furthermore, there is no mention of when the feature will be available on the Android version of the app.

How to directly share tweets on Instagram via Twitter

With in-app integration, users can quickly share their own and others’ tweets on Instagram Stories.

  1. Simply tap in the ‘arrow-like share’ icon
  2. In the menu, tap on ‘Instagram Stories’ to post the desired tweet on the social media platform.


The new direct-sharing capability would be beneficial for influencers, celebrities, and activists, and other public figures to reach a wider audience to gain public support for various social, political, environmental causes or simply spread awareness.

The social media company has been regularly updating the platform with new features like Fleets, Spaces, and the newly launched Twitter Blue subscription service which allows public figures to offer exclusive content to their followers for a fee. Currently, the service is available in Canada and Australia.

Recently, the social media company’s privacy designer Dominic Camozzi posted a concept of an ‘Unmention’ feature that would allow users to remove their names for a tweet they are tagged in. As per Camozzi’s design, a new notification will alert a user whenever he/she is mentioned in a tweet and will also allow them to “unmention” him/herself right away.

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