Twitter might soon allow users to “unmention” themselves from tweets

Twitter is reportedly working on a new future that would allow users to “unmention” themselves from a tweet or conversation. Facebook and Instagram already have variations of the unmention feature on their platforms called ‘remove tag’ and ‘untag’.

The feature will allow users to remove their handles from a tweet so that they can minimize unnecessary interactions on the platform – this is especially helpful for celebrities or users who want to control unwanted attention.

Twitter Unmention concept

Twitter working on “unmention” feature similar to Facebook’s “remove tag”

Twitter privacy designer Dominic Camozzi recently posted a concept that would not only alert users when they are mentioned in a tweet but would also allow them to  “unmention” themselves if they wanted to. The Twitter executive says that choosing the option will remove the link to a user’s profile from a tweet or conversation. As per Camozzi’s concept image, the option to unmention yourself will be found inside the drop-down menu on a tweet that includes additional options such as Mute, Block, Report, and more.

Going further, if someone you don’t follow @ mentions you, you’ll get a special notification. If you unmention yourself from there, the Tweet author will not be able to mention you again.

Building upon this feature, Camozzi is thinking about giving users the ability to restrict accounts from ever mentioning them in a tweet or conversation and disabling mentions altogether for a set number of days.

You can also restrict certain accounts from mentioning you.

Need some peace and quiet? Keep EVERYONE from mentioning you for 1 day, 3 days, or 7 days.

Since this is an early concept, we do not know if the micro-blogging giant will end up implementing it on its platform. As of now, however, Camozzi is seeking out feedback from Twitter users. The designer did not provide any hints as to when the feature can be expected to arrive on the platform.

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