Twitter shares concept for Trusted Friends, Facets and other features to offer a personalized and private experience

Social media platforms are consisting exploring new ways to enhance users’ experience on their platforms. Similarly, Twitter has shared a concept for Trusted Friends, Facets, and Reply Preference features that will allow users to post content they want people they know to view and engage with and the option to choose different personas. It not unlike the company to share ideas its considering, earlier the company post ‘unmention‘ concept which could let user untag themselves from tweets.

To keep the platform a safe and healthy socializing space, Twitter introduced the ‘hide replies‘ feature which enables users to control who can reply to their tweets or conversations. And now the company is actively engaged in designing new features which will offer a more personalized experience to users by allowing them to change their audience as per the content.


Twitter considers new three features, designed to give users more control of their audience, its language, and more

@a_dsgnr shared three new concepts which the company is not working on but considering.

1.Trusted Friends will allow users to group their friends according to the nature of their relationship and to share specific tweets with either ‘Everyone’ or just ‘Trusted Friends’. The company is also looking into introducing a ‘trusted friends’ tweets first feature that would display the tweets by people in the Trust friends group on top of users’ timelines.

“You could Tweet to a group of your choosing. Perhaps you could also see trusted friends’ Tweets first.”


2. Facets feature is designed for people who have more than one online accounts, maybe different accounts to interact with different groups of friends, colleagues, sports or book reading club and others. Facets will allow those users to set different personas in one account, so their followers can select which persona they want to follow.

“Lets you Tweet from distinct personas within 1 acct. Others can follow the whole acct … or just Facets they’re interested in.”


3. Reply preferences feature will encourage users to reconsider their language, in case of profanity or explicit words.

“Some replies hurt (and sometimes it’s accidental). So how might we help people set boundaries in the conversations they own? Here’s one way we’re thinking about — it’s like spellcheck, but for not accidentally sounding like a jerk in the replies.

Authors choose the phrases they prefer not to see • These phrases are highlighted as ppl write replies; ppl can learn why, or ignore the guidance • Authors can enable automatic actions, like moving violating replies to the bottom of the convo.”


The company says that work on these concept features is subjected to users’ feedback. What is your opinion on the considered features? Let us know in the comments section.

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