Twitter might soon launch a new ‘tweet reactions’ feature like Facebook and iMessage reactions

Reverse engineer, Nima Owji discovered that Twitter is working on new tweet reactions which will let users be more expressive on the app. Like Facebook and iMessage reactions, Twitter will also introduce reaction emojis which give users more options to react than to just like the post. In addition, also found that new Fleet and DM updates are coming on the platform as well.

Previously, the microblogging platform conducted a survey with a small group of users, the questionnaire showed two sets of emoji reactions and asked the participants to select the set of reactions do like. The reactions included  Like, Funny, Interesting, Sad, Awesome, Support, and Angry emojis. Another reserve engineering expert, Jane Wang found tweet reactions feature on the platform in June 2020. At the time the set of emojis was different from the current set of reaction tweets and Twitter also denounced that no such feature was coming to the platform. So, we assume that Wang was right all along.


Twitter might soon launch a new ‘tweet reactions’ feature on its iOS and Android apps

@NimaOwji shared all the discovered unannounced features on his Twitter account. The platform will add ‘Hmm’, ‘Sad’, ‘Laughing’, ‘Applause’, and ‘Heart’ reaction emojis. Users will have to long-press the ‘Like’ button for the reactions to appear. Although the feature appears to be working smoothly, it is not known when will the platform launch it.


In addition, the company is working on new Fleet and Spaces rings on Twitter’s web app. Unlike the current web version, the new rings feature will illuminate the user’s profile whenever a new Fleet is added. The company is also bringing improvements to Direct Messages search by dividing groups and people during a search to make it easier to find the desired contact.



Recently, the platform updated its two-factor authentication on apps. The company also shared new concepts for Trusted Friends, Facets, Reply preferences, and unmention features which show Twitter is exploring new ways to improve the platform and make it more interactive.

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