Twitter is working to expand Spaces’ audio-chat capability to the web

Twitter’s clone of the Club-House app is the newly introduces Spaces feature. Spaces are audio-only chat rooms, inspired by podcasts, to allow users to listen to their favorite public figures, celebrities, activists, or anyone with 600 followers. Users can share audio clips in tweets and direct messages and they can also create or join chat rooms for a community experience.

A reverse engineering expert, ┬áNima Owji, has discovered that Twitter is working on expanding Spaces audio feature on the app’s web version. Previously, the company added support for users to join Spaces audio chats on the web app and now they will be able to do more.

Twitter Spaces

Twitter will let Spaces users verbally share their thoughts and opinions on the web

@Nima Owji detailed that he hosted a Spaces session from his phone and joined the chat on the web app. He found that Twitter is testing audio-option for the attendees to speak on the web app. As per the shared image, there is a microphone icon on the join Spaces window that would allow attendees to have a more complete chat room experience by expressing their ideas, thoughts, or opinions.

Earlier, Owji discovered the ‘Tweet Reactions‘ feature on the platform which would allow users to respond to tweets with emojis like heart, laughing, sad, and others. Twitter reactions appear and function in the same way as the Facebook and iMessage reactions.


The platform has been regularly updating its features to offer user capabilities to be expressive in a safe space. Recently, the company shared concepts of features it wants to add to the app like the ‘unmention‘ option to let users untag themselves from tweets, ‘Trusted Friends‘ grouping option to share content they want only closed people to read, Facets to manage different online personas and Reply preference to promote the use of decent language by discouraging the use of profanity or hurtful words/phrases.

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