Busuu, Digital Workroom and Hutch Games were UK iOS App Store’s top three apps in 2020

In a recent report, Apple shares that in 2020, UK iOS App Store saw 22% Y-o-Y growth with more the £3.6 billion in total earning. In spite of the economic challenges experience due to COVID-19, the company’s App Store created 330,000 jobs in the UK and over 250,000 jobs in Germany and France. The digital marketplace’s success is attributed to innovative and breakthrough apps offered by UK developers for users to adapt to online learning, business, and social life.

Acknowledging developers’ hard work, Apple highlights the contribution of Busuu, Digital Workroom, and Hutch Games UK iOS top three apps.

The App Store has become a powerful engine of economic growth in the UK and around the world since Apple launched it in 2008. As entrepreneurs moved their businesses online and established developers built on their successes, users discovered new apps to help them adapt to an increasingly virtual world.

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UK iOS App Store’s top three apps: Busuu, Digital Workroom, and Hutch Games

Apple says the top three apps on UK iOS App Store which provided great innovation and touch lives during unprecedented times were Busuu, Digital Workroom and Hutch Games. 

Busuu, the world’s largest online language learning community, has seen incredible growth in the last year with 70 new hires, doubling the size of the company. This year, it plans to expand the team by more than 50 percent.
“As more people around the world turned to language learning during lockdown, we saw huge growth here at Busuu — it’s been fantastic to see more people join our community to learn together,” said Bernhard Niesner, CEO of Busuu. “Throughout our growth journey, the App Store team has been incredibly supportive, and it’s been a real pleasure working with them.”
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Digital Workroom creates innovative apps and supports businesses trying to design their own. It recently partnered with the University of Manchester to develop an app to safely record important information for patients during visits to the doctor’s office.
“This has been an exciting year for us, and the App Store has enabled the business to expand quickly, doubling the size of our workforce in the last 12 months,” explained Terenze Yuen, CEO of Digital Workroom. “Helping general practitioners to use apps to provide healthcare during the pandemic has been incredibly rewarding and a reminder of the important role apps can play in our lives.”
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Hutch Games creates free-to-play games like the popular F1 Manager, Top Drives, and Rebel Racing. The company started with a team of four and has grown to 117 people, hiring 31 over the last year alone. Hutch plans to grow its workforce by another 30 or 40 people in 2021.
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“We’ve had an amazing few years, which has allowed us to grow and take more risks,” said Shaun Rutland, CEO of Hutch Games. “We saw our figures double during lockdown, so it’s helpful that we can get our games out there so easily via the App Store.”
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