Under-screen Face ID pushed back to 2026 for iPhone 18 Pro

Rumors of under-display Face ID have become a yearly pre-launch iPhone tradition. However, a new report throws cold water on hopes for its imminent arrival. Analyst Ross Young suggests a one-year delay, pushing the under-display Face ID debut to the iPhone 18 Pro and Pro Max in 2026. This technology promises a seamless, notch-less display with a hidden Face ID system.

Previously, under-display Face ID was expected with the iPhone 17 Pro, replacing the notch with a pinhole camera. Young attributes the delay to technical challenges. Achieving the ideal balance between sensor functionality and image quality for the front-facing camera hidden beneath the display is proving more complex than anticipated.

Under-display Face ID

This delay might disappoint some, but it aligns with Apple’s history of prioritizing technological refinement. Similar delays occurred with 5G and the telephoto lens. The wait, however, might be worth it, as under-display Face ID has the potential to revolutionize iPhone design and the user experience.

Young’s predictions also include technical changes to the iPhone 17 range, such as a transition from low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) to low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) across all models in 2025. This transition began with the iPhone 14 Pro models, enabling them to have an always-on display while preserving battery life.

According to Young, all models of the iPhone 17, expected to launch in the fall of 2025, will feature an LTPO backplane. This suggests that the “always-on” feature will become standard across all models of the iPhone 17 lineup.


While the iPhone 18 Pro models are expected to feature under-display Face ID in 2026, non-Pro models may not gain this feature until the iPhone 19, anticipated to arrive in late 2027. This delay indicates that under-display Face ID will remain exclusive to the Pro models for at least another year.

Beyond the under-display Face ID, rumors also hint at exciting advancements for the iPhone 18 series in 2026. Some speculations suggest a significant camera upgrade, possibly featuring a new high-resolution sensor or innovative zoom capabilities. Additionally, whispers of a foldable iPhone continue to circulate, potentially making its debut alongside the iPhone 18 lineup. However, the feasibility and official confirmation of a foldable iPhone remain to be seen.

On the chip side, Apple is likely to unveil its next-generation A-series processor, promising even faster performance and improved power efficiency for the iPhone 18. These are just a few of the potential innovations Apple might have in store for its 2026 flagship, making it a highly anticipated release.

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