5 best Clorinde weapon choices for peak performance

Clorinde, a highly anticipated character in Genshin Impact, has a kit that scales with Attack and prioritizes Electro damage. She is skilled with a sword, promising a swift and elegant fighting style.

This weapon type allows for close-quarters combat and high attack speed, making her a strong contender for a DPS (damage per second) role in the team.

But what weapon should she use to unleash her full potential? Don’t worry, fellow Travelers, because this in-depth guide will reveal how to maximize Clorinde’s electro-mastery and turn her into a sparking force on the battlefield.


Based on the revealed information, Clorinde appears to favor Crit Damage as a core stat. Weapons that amplify Crit Damage will be her strongest companions. Additionally, her Electro-focused kit thrives with weapons that enhance Electro DMG.


Here’s a ranking of the best weapons for her, considering both free-to-play (F2P) options and gacha weapons:

  1. Absolution (Signature Weapon):
    • Clorinde’s signature weapon, Absolution, is naturally her best in slot. It provides a high Crit Damage boost and scales her damage based on her Bond of Life mechanic. If you manage to pull for Clorinde, her weapon banner will likely feature Absolution.
  2. Mistsplitter Reforged:
    • The gacha weapon Mistsplitter Reforged is a fantastic alternative to Absolution. It offers a significant Elemental DMG bonus, perfect for Clorinde’s Electro focus. Additionally, it provides Crit DMG as a substat, making it a strong DPS weapon.
  3. The Finale of the Deep (F2P):
    • The craftable weapon The Finale of the Deep is the best F2P option for Clorinde. It provides a good amount of Attack and a passive that buffs her Normal Attack DMG, which is a core part of her kit.
  4. The Black Sword (Gacha):
    • A good option from the Battle Pass, offering Normal ATK buffs and a bit of healing that can be converted to Bond of Life. It also provides a Crit Rate, helping you balance out your stats.
  5. Blackcliff Longsword (Gacha):
    • A Crit DMG focused weapon from the Paimon’s Bargains shop, good for maximizing her critical hits.

Other Alternatives:

  • Lion’s Roar:
    • This weapon caters to aggressive Electro playstyles. It increases DMG dealt against enemies affected by Pyro or Electro, making it a valuable choice if you plan to pair Clorinde with Pyro characters like Bennett or Xiangling for elemental reactions that trigger these status effects.
  • The Alley Flash:
    • This weapon caters to a more Elemental Mastery-focused build. While Elemental Mastery might not be Clorinde’s core stat, it can still enhance the overall damage of her Electro reactions. The Alley Flash can be a viable option if you’re aiming to create a team composition that focuses on maximizing elemental reactions and their resulting damage.

The best weapon choice for Clorinde can depend on your playstyle and what other weapons you have available. However, Absolution, Mistsplitter Reforged, and The Finale of the Deep are generally considered the top picks for maximizing her damage output.

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