Unlock and Jailbreak iOS 4.3 using sn0wbreeze 2.3b4 with ultrasn0w support

sn0wbreeze 2.3 has received yet another update. This time, sn0wbreeze 2.3 beta 4 has support for ultrasn0w fixer baked right in which makes ultrasn0w work with iOS 4.3 to unlock these basebands:

  • 01.59.00
  • 04.26.08
  • 05.11.07
  • 05.12.01
  • 05.13.04
  • 06.15.00

sn0wbreeze 2.3b4

It doesn’t work with the following basebands:

  • 02.10.04
  • 03.10.01
  • 04.10.01
  • 05.14.02
  • 05.15.04

There are various other GUI and iBooty bug fixes included in this update as well. Keep in mind that this is still a beta release so there might be more bugs that could ruin your experience.

Download sn0wbreeze 2.3b4

The method to jailbreak iOS 4.3 using sn0wbreeze 2.3b2 is the same as mentioned in this guide. Download the final iOS 4.3 build from here.

If you’re using a Mac, check out our guide on how to jailbreak iOS 4.3 on iPhone 4/3GS using custom PwnageTool bundles (this is also a tethered jailbreak by the way)

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