Users need to completely restore Apple Watch Series 3 before updating it

Apple Watch Series 3 was released back in 2017, on 22 September. In the years since there have been several complaints made by users regarding the impossible scenario to install watchOS updates. Even though the problem still resides, Apple made a few adjustments in iOS 14.6 that now require users to restore their Apple Watch Series 3 prior to updating it.

Due to storage space constraints of Apple Watch Series 3, a total of 8GB internal storage, users who want to update their devices to a newer version of watchOS are required to unpair and re-pair the Apple Watch from the iPhone during the update process.

Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 3 users now required to restore the device completely before updating it

Each time that a user attempts to update their device, they get an error message saying that there is not enough space available to install the update. The problem is directly related to the GPS version of the Apple Watch Series 3 that only consists of 8GB internal storage.

I constantly hear from friends who own an Apple Watch Series 3 that they always get the same error when trying to install system updates. watchOS tells them that there isn’t enough storage space, even when they don’t have any third-party apps installed or music stored. According to Apple, the not-so-user-friendly solution is to completely restore all Apple Watch data and settings to install the latest version of watchOS.

As shown by 9to5Mac, a screenshot shared in Portuguese on Twitter, where iOS 14.6 is simply asking the user to unpair and restore the Apple Watch Series 3 in order to install watchOS updates.

Prior to this, the message only recommended that the user delete some content before trying to install the update. This means that the Cupertino tech giant is unlikely to solve this problem for Apple Watch Series 3 users. Whether the device will be discontinued or will not support watchOS 8 will be discovered in a few days at WWDC 2021.

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