Apple Watch Series 8 could measure blood pressure, glucose and alcohol levels – Report

A new report has revealed that the eight-generation Apple Watch will feature an array of health sensors, which will be able to monitor blood pressure, blood glucose, and alcohol levels.

The current Apple Watch totaled an impressive 11.8 million units shipped in the third quarter of 2020. That is a 75% increase from 6.8 million units shipped in the previous third quarter. Apple Watch Series 6 was released in September of last year. The Watch comes in dynamic colors like red and blue, and offers new band options and watch faces, has new features to help track workouts, and Family Setup features for safe communication. The Watch further features a health sensor to track and monitor blood oxygen levels.

Apple Watch Series 6

2022 Apple Watch to feature huge health monitoring upgrades

Telegraph’s report on the British electronic start-up, Rockley Photonics, revealed that Apple is the company’s largest customer. The company says its sensors could be found in devices as early as 2022. Apple has an ongoing supply and development contract with Rockley Photonics. The CEO did not confirm whether the sensors would feature in an Apple product.

Apple Watch Patent

Jeff Williams, Rockley Photonics’ Chief Operating Officer told Forbes:

Non-invasive sensing of the human body is incredibly challenge. You mention glucose, people have been talking about non-invasive glucose sensing for decades. I read every year that somebody has a non-invasive glucose sensing monitor ready. And what I’ll tell you is, it’s hard enough detect glucose when you can access the interstiitial fluid, it is way harder to do it with photons.

Perhaps it is still way too early to expect blood pressure monitoring, glucose and alcohol level sensors. However, if a sensor of this sort arrives next year, it could significantly improve Apple’s health monitoring capabilities allowing customers to monitor their bodies more efficiently than ever before. Currently, Apple Watch features health sensors that can monitor heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and ECGs.

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