Verizon iPhone 4: Antenna Issue Still Persists! [VIDEO DEMO]

It seemed as if Apple had the “death grip” issue resolved with a re-designed antenna for the Verizon iPhone 4, but now it appears the issue is still there. iLounge has found out during their CDMA iPhone 4 testing that it has similar attenuation problems like the GSM version. They have released a video showing how the Verizon iPhone 4 also drops significant cellular signal strength when held in the “death grip” position, as well as how Wi-Fi signal drops when held in a slightly different position.


According to iLounge:

The problem with Wi-Fi reception appears when the device is held snugly in landscape orientation with two hands, a position common when playing games or using the widescreen keyboard. Prior to the Verizon iPhone 4’s launch, sources told iLounge to be on the lookout for the issue, which was being referred to as the “death hug.” It should be noted that although early Apple-sanctioned reviews of the Verizon iPhone 4 claimed that the antenna problems had been fixed in the CDMA model, the same reviewers failed to notice the antenna problems in their original coverage of the GSM model.

Here is a video demonstrating persisting antenna issue on Verizon iPhone 4:

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[via iLounge]

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