Video Chat coming to iPad and iPhone?


We’ve been hearing rumors about it, but more and more evidence are popping up on the internet. Some icons in the iPhone 3.2 SDK are labeled “Accept Video” and “Decline or End Video” as 9to5mac reports. But that’s not all!


Icons for the video related stuff.

9to5mac found in some hidden iPad telephony apps some VideoChat strings that reinforces the rumor of Video Chat conference in the upcoming iPad and iPhone models.

video chat code

What does video chat mean? It means the devices will have a front facing camera, but everything will be revealed soon. They also found some references to “iChat”, the chatting software for Macs.iChat mention

They also think that Apple brought code from Mac telephony products, but it’s impossible for them to have it compressed to the iPad SDK without using them, so it suggests video chat coming in the upcoming models.

Did Apple finally listen, after 3 years, to their customers? Maybe, maybe not, but it is very likely to happen. So let’s just hope it does.

[via 9to5mac]

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