VirtualBox 7.0 beta supports Windows virtualization on Apple Silicon Macs

VirtualBox 7.0 beta adds support for Windows on Arm virtualization on Apple Silicon Macs. The app now supports both M1 and M2 Macs, alongside improved 3D experiences with DirectX 11 and OpenGL support, IOMMU and EPT support for nested virtual machines, encryption support for virtual machines, and a “top”-like tool for monitoring CPU and memory usage for each running virtual machine.

VirtualBox 7.0 Windows on Apple Silicon Mac

VirtualBox 7.0 beta for Mac

VirtualBox is a free virtualization app for Mac, developed by Oracle. The app is available for free and allows users to virtualize operating systems like Windows and Linux, on Mac. While the app was compatible with Intel Macs, it took years for the developers to add support for Apple Silicon, which is still in beta with the current release.    

Parallels was the first app to support virtualization on Apple Silicon Macs when it launched a few years ago. VMware Fusion, another popular virtualization app for Macs, took a long time to build support, and a public release of the tech preview was released in the summer of 2022.

If you are looking for a free virtualization solution for your M1 or M2 Mac, VirtualBox 7.0 beta is worth a look. However, make sure to check out the list of bugs and known issues before using it. If you are happy to spend some money and need the best solution for using Windows on Arm on your Mac, you cannot go wrong with Parallels. Not only has Parallels been supporting Apple Silicon the longest, but they have also been improving performance and 3D gaming experiences with each release. 

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