Apple’s Vision Pro headset comes with Visual Search for enhanced productivity

Apple’s cutting-edge Vision Pro headset is equipped with a revolutionary operating system called visionOS, which introduces a remarkable feature known as “Visual Search.”

Drawing parallels to the Visual Lookup feature on iPhones and iPads, Visual Search takes augmented reality to new heights, allowing users to extract valuable information and interact with the world around them in unprecedented ways.

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Visual Search on Vision Pro offers real-time translations, the ability to scan text, and more

The Vision Pro headset’s Visual Search feature empowers users to obtain comprehensive information about various objects, effortlessly detect and interact with text in their environment, and even perform real-time translations in 17 different languages. This groundbreaking functionality opens up a world of possibilities for enhanced productivity and convenience.

With Visual Search, users can scan and extract text from printed materials, such as handouts or documents, directly into apps. This means that contact information, web addresses, unit conversions, and other relevant data can be seamlessly integrated into the headset’s ecosystem. For instance, scanning a website link will promptly launch Safari, allowing users to explore the webpage without any hassle. Similarly, if a recipe calls for grams but you prefer using ounces, the Vision Pro headset can effortlessly convert the units for you.

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Travelers and language enthusiasts will find the Vision Pro headset’s real-time text translation feature invaluable. By automatically detecting and deciphering text in the real world, the headset enables users to instantly translate what they see. This functionality is akin to the text detection capabilities found on iPhones, making communication across language barriers a breeze.

The discovery of the Visual Search feature within the visionOS operating system was made by the diligent tech enthusiast, Steve Moser. Although visionOS is currently accessible exclusively through the latest Xcode beta, Apple’s recent release of the software marks a significant milestone for developers and early adopters eager to delve into the world of immersive augmented reality.

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