VLC Media Player Coming Soon to iPad as a Free App

VLC Media Player for iPadNo doubt, VLC media player is one of the best on both Windows and Mac OS X. It gets rid of annoying code downloads and plays just about everything you can throw at it. Personally, I have never had any issue with any file format for it. On the other hand, the iPad plays only Apple’s own proprietary video format. Yup, they’re all for open standards *rolls eyes*. Compared to my iPad, my Samsung Galaxy S plays every video file I copy to it.

If that’s what you want on the iPad too then look no more; VLC player has been submitted to the App Store and all that’s left between us using downloading and using it is Apple’s approval.

There’s already a CineX Player App in the App Store which plays various file formats so we expect Apple to give the green signal to this one too. It’ll be free and will play almost every video format!

Another cool thing? VLC for iPad is open source.

Want more? VLC will be coming to iPhone and iPod Touch as well in a future version.

I can’t wait to get my hands on VLC Player for iPad to make it how it should have been.

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