iPod Nano 6G Code Reveals Possible Video Playback Support

iPod Nano Video PlaybackWhile the screen of the new iPod Nano is too small to watch videos, we’ve come to expect such a facility from every beautiful multitouch capable screen. TUAW did a little digging in the internal settings property list and they think that a few lines of code hint at possible movie and TV support. While it wont be the most pleasant thing to watch videos on the iPod Nano, you can’t go wrong with a James Bond like iWatch that can do that.

Although there’s no video playback support on the nano at this time, it does provide photo slideshows; the internal settings property list, the bit that stores your preferences, hints that more video support may yet be on the horizon. Options for captions and alternative audio hint at possible upcoming movie and TV support.


Now, Apple, you’ve already made me fall in love with this iPod, when can we get that update to enable this feature?

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