Vysor lets you control an Android device from Chrome desktop browser

Vysor is an interesting new app for Google Chrome (desktop browser) which lets users control their Android smartphone. Vysor can easily be installed in Chrome and linked to an Android smartphone to view its display on the computer and get complete control over it.

Vysor lets you control an Android device from Chrome desktop browser

Vysor works by using the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) to communicate with the Android device so it has to be plugged in via a USB connection to the computer. Once connected, open the app and follow the instructions to connect. You can now use your keyboard and mouse to control the interface of your phone and even use apps or play games on it. It works very well and is useful in scenarios where you have to debug and test your app on a smartphone or just get rid of the annoyance of checking your phone now and then, when at work.

Another cool feature, which is the highlight feature as per the developer of the app, is Vysor Share. This allows users to share their device through the Internet simply by copying and sharing a URL which allows remote access to the Android device. So your contact can use their own keyboard and mouse to use your device. This can be useful when running multiple tests for an app on different screen sizes or simply letting someone try your phone or an app on it. Really cool!

Control Android smartphones from Chrome desktop browser

Since Vysor is a Chrome app, it works on all desktop platforms where Chrome browser can be installed. So you can use it on Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS. It’s free and a work in progress but the performance is good enough so give it a try!

Install Vysor (beta) from Chrome Web Store

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