Watch the Leonid Meteor Shower online

1 As forecasted by NASA back in December 2008, there is expected to be a strong display of the Leonid meteor shower. Its predicted that there’ll be “20 to 30 meteors per hour over the Americas, and as many as 200 to 300 per hour over Asia” according to NASA. It is due to peak on 17th November 4a.m EST and could very well be one of the best Leonid showers in years.

The Leonids enter the earth’s atmosphere once a year. They are basically dust particles left behind by comets orbiting the Sun. The meteor shower can be viewed via naked eye given that the peak times coincide with night-time and clear skies in your time zone, or you can watch it live online on UStream. You can also follow the #Leonids on twitter for live updates.

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