WhatsApp released new ‘global voice note player’ on iOS beta

WhatsApp has rolled out the new ‘global voice note player’ on iOS beta. The new feature allows users to continue to listen to a voice message even when they open a different chat. The new voice player works similar to PiP video on YouTube which allows users to multitask and watch the video, at the same time. 


WhatsApp’s new “Global voice note player” allows users to multitask on the app 

In October 2021, it was discovered that the company was developing the ‘Global voice message player’ on iOS, so an audio message can be played in any part of the app and now it is out. 

According to WABetainfo, an audio/voice message does not dismiss as the user moves to a different chat or swipes back to go to Home. Instead, the voice player appears on the top of the UI in and it continues to play the message. This new feature gives users the freedom to multitask on the app; check other messages, reply back, and more. 

WhatsApp - voice player

Furthermore, it is also found that WhatsApp is testing a new interface to show sound waveforms of voice messages.  Although a minor change, it will make the listening experience a little more interactive by showing when the sender took a pause or raised their voice. 

New Global voice note player is released on iOS beta, including WhatsApp Business beta. For Android, the feature is still under development.

If you cannot listen to voice notes when you switch to a different chat, it means your WhatsApp account is not ready to let you test the feature: just wait for a future update that will release the feature for more users. About WhatsApp beta for Android, the feature is still under development and there is no news about the release date.

There are several other new features, WhatsApp is testing to enhance users’ experience on the platform like the new ‘Community’ feature which will allow users to add and host multiple chat groups through a single Community chat group, a new ‘Undo’ feature for status updates and more. 

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