WhatsApp talks about multi-device support and other features in interview

A WhatsApp spokesperson has shared new details regarding multi-device support that is coming soon to WhatsApp Web, Desktop and Portal, as well as other new features. WhatsApp has historically been mum on multi-device support, but since the past few months, the company has been very vocal about this feature.

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WhatsApp multi-device support will work with the Web app too

TechRadar spoke to a WhatsApp spokesperson, whose name was not shared in the interview, regarding the upcoming multi-device support and whether it will replace WhatsApp Web. The spokesperson confirmed that WhatsApp Web will continue to exist and take advantage of the new multi-device support and functionality. WhatsApp Web, along with the desktop and Portal counterparts, will work without the need to have a phone connected at all times. This functionality will also allow WhatsApp to build support for more devices in the future. We assume this is a hint towards WhatsApp for iPad which could work great once multi-device support is live. Telegram and other messaging apps already exist on iPad and provide a great native experience.

WhatsApp is currently beta testing multi-device support, while Mark Zuckerberg and Will Cathcart had recently confirmed in an interview that WhatsApp for iPad might happen after multi-device support is rolled out.

The interview also talks about whether the pandemic has pushed WhatsApp to release new features faster to which the spokesperson responded with a very generic response that the company is always adjusting to new ways of working. During the pandemic, WhatsApp has introduced desktop calling, improved group calls, and continues to release new refinements to the calling experience. There has definitely been an uptick in the company’s focus on calling features to help people stay in touch during these trying times.

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