WhatsApp Status Updates receive new features such as vocie status, reactions and more

The popular communication network WhatsApp has introduced several new capabilities for Status Updates, which let users share fleeting updates with friends and family. The features include Status Reactions, Status Profile Rings, and more.

WhatsApp Status Updates

New WhatsApp features for Status Updates to be rolled out globally in coming weeks

As announced by WhatsApp, the company has added a set of new features to Status Updates that make it easier to users to express themselves and connect with close friends and family members.

Private Audience Selector: This gives users the option to control who sees their Status Updates. Although users can already choose who sees their Status Updates when they share them, this implementation offers a more personalized experience. Whenever users post a new update, the recent audience selection will be saved and used as the default for their next status.

Voice Status: Up to 30-second voice messages can now be recorded and shared on WhatsApp status. Voice status can be utilized to send more intimate updates, especially if speaking is a more natural way for you to communicate than typing.

Status Reactions: To give users a quick and simple method to respond to Status Updates from their close contacts, WhatsApp is implementing status reactions. Following the debut of Reactions last year, WhatsApp says this was the most requested feature by users. By swiping up and tapping one of the eight emojis, users can now swiftly respond to any status. Of course, users can still respond to a status through text, voicemail, stickers, and other methods.

Profile Rings: Users will be unable to miss a status update from their close contacts with the new status profile ring. Every time your contact posts a Status Update, this ring will be visible around their profile picture. The chat lists, participant lists for groups, and contact information will all show it.

Link Previews on Status: Users will automatically see a visual preview of the link content when they publish it to their status. Visual previews enhance the appearance of Status Updates and help contacts understand the link before clicking.

The communication platform has begun rolling out the new features globally. They should become available to all users in the coming weeks. Note that some of these features are not new but WhatsApp has added them to the list of recent enhancements it has made to Status Updates since they fall under the same umbrella.

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