WhatsApp’s native macOS app is now available for all in beta

WhatsApp client for macOS is now available to all users. Although the app is still in beta, users no longer have to join the beta programs to try it out. Users interested in trying it out can download and install the app on their Mac via WhatsApp’s website.

Previously WhatsApp had released a beta version of its desktop app for Mac as a Catalyst app. The beta version was native to Apple Silicon (M1 and M2 Macs) and featured a different design than the older app which was available in the Mac App Store.


The WhatsApp app is more optimized for Mac hardware and built with Mac Catalyst

WaBetalnfo has reported, the long waited WhatsApp native version for Mac is available for download without restrictions. The new app is built with Mac Catalyst and is more optimized for Mac hardware, so it is faster and more efficient than the current web-wrapped Electron version. Users will see a new interface with three panels to easily switch between chats, calls, archived, and starred messages.

Although a beta version was previously available for a limited number of users with WhatsApp test Flight access now WhatsApp is expanding testing ahead of an official release.

Keep in mind that this is just a beta version so some of the features might not function properly. Fortunately, Users can easily report all problems using the bug button located in the bottom left of the app.

WhatsApp recently launched the ability for users to send messages to themselves, and support for proxy servers to keep users connected when the internet is blocked. And the company will introduce Picture in Picture support on iOS this year.

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