WhatsApp tests new video and audio sharing feature for immersive conversations

WhatsApp, the messaging giant, is set to revolutionize virtual communication with a groundbreaking feature: synchronized audio sharing during video calls. Beyond the simple screen-sharing that WhatsApp offers, this latest addition to the platform promises to transform calls into dynamic, immersive experiences.


Music, movies, and more coming to WhatsApp calls

As per a new report from WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is actively working on a feature that will allow users to share visual content and synchronize audio during video calls.

This groundbreaking feature, spotted in the beta version for both iOS and Android, signifies a significant step forward in enriching the user experience. Users will soon be able to collectively listen to music, watch videos, or conduct presentations with synchronized audio, transforming video calls into multimedia experiences.


The upcoming feature builds on the existing screen-sharing option introduced by WhatsApp. While the initial screen-sharing functionality allowed users to showcase what’s happening on their devices visually, the addition of audio sharing will open up a new dimension of collaborative multimedia experiences. Participants in a video call will be able to collectively listen to video and music audio when someone shares their screen, fostering real-time discussions and shared enjoyment of multimedia content.

The versatility of this feature extends to various scenarios, making it a valuable tool for remote technical assistance, collaborative work, and even virtual events where audio quality is paramount. Users can seamlessly integrate the speaker’s voice and multimedia components into virtual presentations, providing a polished and engaging experience for the audience.

Moreover, this feature aligns with the current trend of virtual watch parties, allowing friends and colleagues to enjoy content together, irrespective of their physical locations.

The implications of this feature extend beyond leisure, offering tangible benefits for businesses. The ability to integrate audio into virtual presentations enhances communication in professional settings. For instance, collaborative projects, troubleshooting sessions, and team discussions can now leverage synchronized audio, creating a more interactive and effective communication environment.

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